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Odin's Drinking Horn Tankard Cup (20 oz)
Viking Fury

Odin's Drinking Horn Tankard Cup (20 oz)

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Made to mimic the tankards featured on Game of Thrones and Vikings, this is one of our most popular products. Every drinking horn tankard is formed from one piece of horn, including the smooth handle that’s designed to provide a confident, comfortable grip. The floor of the tankard is formed from acrylic, which provides a watertight seal so you don’t lose any of your well-earned ale. The tankard is also covered in a food-safe sealant to protect your horn from any further battle scars. Available in polished and natural finishes.

The 100% original Ox, Buffalo for which each piece is very UNIQUE.  It is highly finished by hand and buffed. The base is made up of solid wood or Resin filled to avoid any type of leakages.

Horn mugs are natural product made from Ox and Buffalo horns and they are unique in color and pattern. NO TWO ARE THE SAME!!!

  • EXTRA LARGE 20oz SIZE - Holds at least 20oz of your favorite mead, beer, wine, ale or any other beverage. Stands a full 6-6.5" tall and features a unique 1 piece formed horn handle. Drink like a proper Viking with this Ale Horn.
  • TRUE VIKING AWESOMENESS - Features a Natural Finish and cut from a solid piece of horn. Sealed with an acrylic base and coated for safety. Enjoy Game of Thrones or Vikings properly with the original AleHorn mug.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - Know someone who enjoys beer, Game of Thrones, Norse Mythology, Viking Metal, Ren Faire, Skyrim, Lord of the Rings, or anything else cool? They will no doubt LOVE a new AleHorn.
  • FOOD SAFE COATING - Each Tankard is hand crafted with the utmost care. Each horn mug features a carefully coated interior with 100% Food Safe lacquer that is safe and non-toxic
  • NO LEAK GUARANTEE - We stand by our products 100%. If you have a leak or another defect, just contact us and we will replace the tankard free of charge.

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